About the Duo


Photo: Michele Michaels 

Jess and Kate met at a library in the desert where they both work - an appropriate place for two wayward souls adrift in their own imaginations.

Jess has played in ensembles both real and imaginary; in fact, these days, she plays in one of each: the duo (which, we presume, is probably the former?) and an imaginary band which is constantly gigging - The Jess Hawk Oakenstar v'Band. For her part, Kate, when not playing with Jess, sticks to imposing songs about shipwrecks and mining disasters upon her storytime groups.

Their musical presentation/persona comes to rest somewhere between mournfully dark and rockingly/rollickingly comedic, but it's hard to pin them down.

"Not too dreadful." --Postmodern Musician

"They've never sung anything that might be offensive to the avian population." --Parrot Training Today

"Heartrendingly exquisite. Ethereal and yet rooted in a sublimely visceral reality." --Low Rider Journal

No, but seriously, Wayward Maggie is
Jess Hawk Oakenstar and Kate DeLaPointe. They really did meet at the library where they both work, and decided to form a duo after finally getting around to jamming together and excitedly realizing, "Gosh! This feels like a wonderful fit!"

Since then, they've performed for motley audiences at a variety of venues.  Keep watching this space for upcoming gigs!