Kate DeLaPointe

Photo: Michele Michaels

Kate DeLaPointe comes from a family that is literally crawling with musicians. Mom is Judy Henske, beloved blues and folk cult figure of the sixties who still records today with her husband (Kate's stepfather since '73) Craig Doerge, founding member of jazz fusion band (and James Taylor's sometime backup band) The Section, and keyboard player for (and co-writer with) Jackson Browne, Crosby Stills and Nash and many others...biological father is Jerry Yester, producer, writer, arranger and most famously a member of the Lovin' Spoonful since '67...uncle Jim Yester was a founding member of The Association...grandfather Larry Yester is the fella who most likely arranged the sheet music you used when you were learning that song on the accordion. The list goes on, but that's a good idea.

Kate herself has played piano since the age of eight, guitar since thirteen, and written songs since seventeen. She appeared on Graham Nash's album Innocent Eyes in the eighties and appeared with him on the TV show Solid Gold the same year the album came out. During the nineties she performed regularly in Seattle coffeehouses and pubs, and while earning her librarian degree she appeared on an acoustic album of Northwestern female singer-songwriters called Souls of the Sound.

...and since then she's mostly been a librarian for coin, and a musician for pleasure, aside from various dates performing at library venues, of which there have been many over the last eight years...oh, and she appeared onstage with her ma and dad in Tucson a couple years ago, and also sang backgrounds on her mom's most recent album She Sang California.

Anyway, if you go on the family website
www.delapointe.net there are links to all those other family members' websites (except grandpa Larry, probably).

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