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52) Elltave 
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51) Kelfrably 
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50) oaruzabifo 
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49) AssausePak 
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48) AssausePak 
United States
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47) AssausePak 
United States
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46) BKI89ykem 
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45) Joshuaecobe 
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44) DavidCig 
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43) MichaelIsori 
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42) Bobbykem 
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41) AnthonyRep 
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40) Leroymaw 
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39) DavidKKmaw 
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38) Rathjen 
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37) Jean R 
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Loved the gig on the porch of the Adobe House today at Glendale Folk Festival. You two are both musically "on" AND funny!
36) Larry Jolly 
Phoenix, AZ
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You've probably already seen all the photos of your mom w/ The Whiskeyhill guys back in '61-'62, but just in case you haven't, you can check these out at "source:Life" - type in
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35) Nancy Allen 
Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Hi Jess! It's Nancy from Miami writing to let you know that I still play your great CDs. They're, as always, fab to listen to. I retired four years ago and my partner (from England) and I moved to Santa Fe. If you're ever going to be in the area please let me know. Keep on playing your wonderful music! It really pumps me up.
34) Steve 
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Just saw part of your interview with Tray Goodman on Inside Creative Minds and had to check out the rest of your music. You've got incredible harmonies. I'll be on the lookout for your next gig. Thanks for sharing your music!
33) Jim C. 
Phoenix, AZ
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Thanks for playing at Fiddlers Dream 23rd Anniversary show in the *big* room. It was a great set, great music, great vocals, and the audience was really into you. Wow!
Jim C.
VP - Fiddlers Dream Coffee House
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