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Selected Speaking Engagements 

Ban the Box and Citizens United Move to Amend: Democratic Women, Gila County, April 2015. 

The status of women in the U.S.:  A comparison with women around the world, American Association of University Women, 19 March 2013, Sun City NOW 3 April 2013; Paradise Valley Community College, March 2015; Behavioral Health Agency Phoenix, April 2015.  

Private for-profit Prisons:  Your Money, Your Morals, Your Choice, In 2013, I spoke 37 times to 1,234 people; in 2014, I spoke 21 times to 721 people and in the first six months of 2015, I spoke 9 times to 253 people. 


A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Women's Issues, National Council of Jewish Women, Keynote with panel of women representing the Sikhs, Hopis and African refugees, 10 March 2013.

Status of American Women in the World, Phoenix Branch AAUW,  19 March 2013.  

Prostitution:  What’s to be done?  Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix, 13 January 2013; Estrella Community College, April 2 & 4, 2013. 

Private for-profit Prisons:  Your Money, Your Morals, Your Choice, Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix, 26 August 2012, Maricopa County Libertarians, 8 October 2012, DFA Maricopa County, 7 November, 2012, Unitarian Universalists, 18 November 2012, Ft. Huachucha NAACP, 8 December, 2012, Black Alliance for Just Immigration, 12 December 2012, Mesa Community College NAACP, 1 February 2013, Yuma NAACP, 2 February 2013, Fountain of Life Church, Scottsdale, 3 February 2013, Trinity Episcopal, 10 February 2013, Northern Arizona University, Sociology & Social Work, 1 March 2013; Hispanic Forum, 9 March; Flagstaff NAACP, April 15, 2013; Liberal Ladies, Fountain Hills, May 1; GEM Dems, East Mesa, May 1; Dobson Dems, Mesa, 8 May; LD 30 Dems, May 13; Drinking Liberally, May 16; LD 30 Dems, May 29; Cochise County Dems, Sierra Vista, May 30; Arizona African-American Democratic Caucus, Maricopa, 1 June; LD 26 Dems, 11 June; Dems & Donuts, 19 June; Pinal County Dems Superior, 19 June;  LD 28 Dems, Phoenix, 2 July; LD Dems 22, Phoenix, 15 August; LD 29 Dems, Phoenix, 3 Sept; LD 19 Dems, Phoenix, 4 Sept; Sun Lakes Democratic Club, 9 Sept.; Cochise County Democrats, Safford, 11 Sept.; Sierra Vista Unitarian Universalists, 22 Sept; Green Valley Unitarian Universalists, 29 Sept; Flagstaff Democrats, 9 October; First Congregational United Church of Christ, 27 Oct.; NAU, Glendale, 30 October; LD 23 Republicans, 14 November; LD 20 Democrats, 15 November; Democrats of the Red Rocks, Sedona, 21 November; Unitarian Congregation, Yuma, 8 December; League of Women Voters, Phoenix, 8 January 2014; Glendale Rotary Club, Jan. 9; LD 23 Democrats, Feb. 4; Democratic Club, Lake Havasu City, Feb. 12; AFL CIO, March 3; NW Democrats, March 8; Rotary Club, March 10; National Council of Jewish Women, March 10; West Valley Union Club, March 19; Red Mountain United Methodist Church, 20 March;  Northern Arizona University, March 24; Verde Valley Democrats, March 27; LD 20 Democrats, April 10; Faith Lutheran Church, May 4; LD 17 Chandler Democrats May 6; LD 25 Democrats, Mesa, May 7; Liberal Ladies, Fountain Hills, August 6; Rim Rock Democratic Women, Aug 12;  

Panel on Iran Stop Stoning Campaign, CEDAW NGO presentations, New York, NY, USA, 28 February 2007

International Trafficking Standards:  Who’s living up to them?  Women’s World Conference, Seoul, South Korea, June 19-24, 2005.

International Conference on Legal Aid, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Getting legal aid to the people: A comparison of work in Russia and Cambodia, April 6-8, 2005.

Women in South East Asia:  Cambodia, Haverford College, Pittsburgh, PA, March 2005.

Democracy and Youth - What skills do youth need?  Khmer Youth for Democracy, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, May 15, 2004.

From international domestic violence to local needs:  What can we do in the hospital setting?  Thunderbird Hospital, Phoenix, October 23, 2003.

Global to Local:  Domestic Violence Bridges the Gap:  Mesa Community College, October 21, 2003.

Battered Mothers’ Testimony Project:  Violations of Human Rights in Family Court, Greater Phoenix Child Abuse Prevention Council, October 7, 2003. 

What Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs Need to Know about Sex Trafficking, Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Oct 1, 2003. 

Battered Mothers’ Testimony Projects:  Violations of Human Rights in Family Court, Coalition of Advocates and Attorneys, Tucson, Sept. 22, 2003.

Battered Mothers’ Testimony Projects:  Violations of Human Rights in Family Court and What Programs need to know about Sex Trafficking, at 8th International Conference on Family Violence, San Diego, September 18, 20, 2003. 

What Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs Need to Know about Sex Trafficking, Social Work and the Law, National Association of Forensic Social Work in cooperation with the National Council of Family and Juvenile Court Judges, Phoenix, AZ, May 20, 2003.

What Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs Need to Know about Sex Trafficking NCADV/NSARC, Florida Aug 2-7, 2002.

Guardian ad Litems in Domestic Violence Cases, ABA Raising the Bar, Domestic Violence in Civil Cases, Tucson, AZ, Jan. 10, 2002. 

Violence Against Women and the Law in Russia, University of California, Davis, Martin Luther King Law School, November 7, 2001.  Same day at the International House in Davis. 

Violence Against Women as a Hate Crime, Speaker with Arun Ghandi at Coos County, Oregon volunteer awards dinner, March 19, 2001. 

Police Response to Violence Against Women, law enforcement in Chelyabinsk, Moscow, Samara, Perm and Voronezh, Russia; Almaty, Kazakhstan,   (Nov 1999- March 2000)

Promoting the Rule of Law in the Former Soviet Union, Arizona State Bar, December l7, l999

Sex Trafficking:  The Law and the Organizing, Miramed Institute, Kiev, Ukraine, October, l999

Central Asian Conference on Women and the Law, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, October, l999

Womens Rights Are Human Rights (Prosecutors Conference on International Human Rights Day, December l998, St Petersburg, Russia)


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