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Curriculum Vitae

Dianne Post, J.D.
602-271-9019 (fax) 602-271-9019


For the past 30 years, Ms. Post has been providing legal services, technical expertise, and project assistance on gender equality issues including domestic violence and sex-trafficking and on discrimination issues for African-American and Roma clientele.  She has worked in 15 countries in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa as well as the US on projects funded by USAID and other donors. She has published extensively and continues to litigate cases in the international arena.


Central European University
Budapest, Hungary
European Law Intensive Seminar
Diploma received, July 2005 cum laude 

College of Trial Advocacy     
Hastings Law School  
San Francisco, California

Juris Doctor, Deans List
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

Master of Science   
California State University
San Jose, California 

Bachelor of Arts Correctional Administration
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin


India, Egypt, Mongolia, Russia, Albania, Cambodia, Serbia, Ukraine, Armenia, Bulgaria, Moldova, South Africa, Hungary, Algeria and Kosovo.


Regional Senior Legal Advisor, Algers, Algeria 

 ABA ROLI, October 2008 - July 2009

Management of an extensive project to educate 60 young Algerian woman lawyers in human rights issues and public interest with follow on activities in pro bono and advocacy. 


Senior Attorney (Head office), Vladivostok, Russia

ABA ROLI, October, 2007

  • Supervise local Russian staff, manage office and administration
  • Organize trainings for the Bar association and local lawyers on issues of violence against women and sex trafficking
  • Establish a traveling lawyers program for access to justice in rural areas
  • Create  training on sex trafficking for consulates
  • Design public awareness campaigns in connection with local groups regarding violence against women and trafficking
  • Develop with local specialists a law school level course on sex trafficking

Legal Director, Budapest, Hungary

European Roma Rights Centre 2005-2006

  • Supervise legal team in Budapest and legal defense contracts throughout Europe in cases of human rights violations of Roma.
  • Bring strategic litigation for Roma rights throughout Europe domestically and to international fora.
  • Organize legal trainings, roundtables, and meetings to further Roma rights.
  • Publish articles, journals, and quarterly on Roma rights issues.
  • Responsible for legal work, management, administration, fundraising, and international representations.

Legal Advisor, Cambodia
East West Management Institute, NY 2003-2005

  • Train legal aid lawyers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on human rights cases.
  • Improve efficiency and capacity of legal aid office.
  • Work with management to implement best practices.
  • Deliver training on gender issues including sex trafficking and child sexual exploitation.
  • Revise draft laws to comply with international standards focusing on domestic violence, sex trafficking and child abuse. 

Director of Systems Advocacy (PT)
Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Phoenix, Az  2000-2003

  • Direct all public policy activities including grass roots training.
  • Develop and implement legislative policy for improvement of services for battered women and their families.
  • Supervise grant activities including developing statewide Courtwatch program and creating a Fatality Review Team for homicide in the family.
  • Coordinating with law enforcement, the court, state agencies, and other systems.
  • Participate on management team, develop budgets, negotiate terms.

Gender Specialist Liaison
American Bar Association - Central and Eastern Europe Law Initiative (CEELI)   Moscow, Russia  1998-2000

  • Organize, plan and conduct training seminars on gender issues including violence against women and children, lobbying, and discrimination against women for NGO’s, law enforcement, prosecutors and judges.
  • Draft comparative analysis of Russian and American law on various topics impacting women.
  • Developed and implemented legal literacy campaign to address: women’s rights, domestic violence, sexual violence, sexual harassment.
  • Design and implement international conferences including the Confederation of Independent States (former Soviet Union), the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the U.S.  for attorneys and medical personnel on  violence against women and for judges on discrimination against women.
  • Designed and taught at a 3 day clinical legal training for law students on a domestic violence problem in Petrozavodsk .  Design later reused repeatedly as model.
  • Developed curricula and published related training materials
  • Award and oversee several advocacy grants in outlying regions of Russia.
  • Keynote speaker at conference for teachers on impact of violence in the home on children’s school performance.
  • Trained Russian participants in the use of interactive educational techniques.
  • Coordinate monthly roundtables for non-governmental organizations (NGO) and seminars for attorneys.
  • Drafted law against trafficking in women in coordination with Russian coalition .

Director of Domestic Violence Project
Managing/Staff Attorney Phoenix, Arizona  1984 - 1989

Community Legal Services

  • Developed and administered budget for branch office.
  • Managed two different offices, all employee functions and case development, including  hiring, firing, and evaluation of employees.
  • Managed own case load which consisted primarily of representing battered women and children in domestic relations, housing, and the administrative law forum.
  • Co-wrote a grant to fund, and was original Director of, the Domestic Violence Project to increase quality and quantity of legal services available to low income battered women.  The program received national acclaim.

Sole Practice
Tempe/Phoenix, Arizona 1989 - 1998, 1980 - 1984

  • Represented private clients in areas of domestic violence, child abuse, employment discrimination,  and civil rights.
  • Served as contract attorney for American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), representing their members in employment related matters with the City of Phoenix.
  • Trained lay advocates on legal issues related to sexual assault.

Consulting Experience: 


UNODC - Nairobi, Kenya:  developing a training manual for prosecutors on sexual and gender-based violence and delivering a TOT to the prosecutors who will use the manual to train others.  March - May 2011


UNIFEM - Tirana, Albania:  developing and delivering a training for faculty of the School of Magistrates on the Gender Equality Law and the family code, October 2010

UNDP - Tirana, Albania:  drafting the legal and regulatory framework for the first government domestic violence shelter in  Albania, September 2010

ABA CEELI - Vladivostok, Russia:  Focusing on lawyers, law clinics, and the local NGO community on issues of sex trafficking, gender violence and legal education.  May-September 2007

OSCE - Albania:  Worked with the OSCE team on education of judges, prosecutors and police on the new domestic violence law.  14-28 April, 2007

Chemonics – Albania:  Worked with Women’s Legal Initiative to ensure passage of the protection order law, assisted in organizing a community coordinated response team, worked with police, prosecutors and judges on implementation protocols.
May 2006, June/July 2006, September 2006, November 2006

Documents from the WLI, Albanian Judicial Benchbook on Protection Orders and Creating a Coordinated Community Response Team, can be downloaded from http://pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/PNADH800.pdf and http://pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/PNADH807.pdf

Chemonics – AERI – Egypt – Worked with four agricultural associations to draft gender plans in conjunction with their grants. 
January 2005

German Technical Assistance – Women’s Rights Project – Cambodia – Drafted a 117 page judicial training manual with the Project for the Royal School of Magistrates and Prosecutors on violence in the family. 
December 2004
SOROS – Ten-day trip to Mongolia to work with the Mongolian Women Lawyers Association on their draft law on domestic violence for the Parliament. 
October 2003

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe – revising a victim’s rights book from the original Swedish to be appropriate for a Russian audience. 
June 2003

ABA CEELI – Roundtable in Delhi, India with Malimath Commission regarding reform of criminal justice procedure as gender expert discussing domestic violence and sexual assault.
Feb. 2003

ABA CEELI - worked with staff to develop an indexing tool to assess a countries formal and informal adherence to CEDAW.  Submitted to ABA CEELI in December, 2001, available on CEELI website.

ABA CEELI - One week in Belgrade, Serbia for conference on violence against  women and individual consultations with women’s groups.      
Dec. 2-8, 2001

Winrock - Two week training on sex trafficking and domestic violence in Ukraine and Armenia.
Sept. 9 to Sept 23, 2001.

ABA CEELI – Two-week fact finding tour of Bulgaria with various women’s and others working on issues of violence, discrimination and trafficking of women.  Recommendations on programs to ABA CEELI.
April 22-May 4, 2001
State Department, USIS in conjunction with ABA CEELI
Two week series of trainings in Russia on violence against women, NGO lobbying, international human rights, legal intervention, and clinical legal  education  in Moscow, Sergeiv Posad, Samara, Rostov, Tomsk and Vladivostock .        
Feb. 21 to March 7, 2001

Winrock International - 4 day training on sex trafficking for groups from Moldova, Armenia, and Ukraine, 3 day individual consultation with Moldova NGO on sex trafficking and process issues.
October 28 - November 8, 2000

National Conference of Black Lawyers and National Lawyers Guild.  Three week monitor at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings in South Africa
Summer 1997



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Why Marriage Should be Abolished, l8 Women’s Rights Law Reporter 283, Spring, l997

Arguments Against Joint Custody, 4 Berkeley Woman’s Law Journal 3l6, 1989-90


Judicial Training Manual for the Royal School of Magistrates and Prosecutors, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, December 2004 for German Technical Assistance – Women’s Rights Project.

Knowledge of Law for Women, East West Management Institute, Phnom Phen, Cambodia, July 2004. www.cambody.com/otherlaws/womanlaw/index.asp?co=law0

Comparison of ASEAN Laws on Trafficking to the UN Protocol, East West Management Institute, prepared for the South East Asia Conference on Trafficking in Children for Sexual Purposes, Medan Indonesia, March 2004.

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Lay Legal Advocate Manual for Those Working on Violence Against Women in Arizona, Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence, in conjunction with the Young Lawyers Division of the Maricopa County Bar, Domestic Violence Committee, June, 2001, August 2002

Confidentiality Manual for Domestic Violence Service Providers in Arizona under State and Federal Law, Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence, April 2001, June 2001.

Introduction into the Problem of Violence Against Women
Violence Against Women:  Materials for Criminal and Civil Judges
Mechanism of State Defense of Women’s Rights
Human Rights Declaration and Legal Defense Function of Procuracy of Russian Federation
Role of Lawyers in Prevention of Violence Against Women
Discrimination Against Women:  Responsibilities of Judges Based on International Law
Methods of Helping Victims of Violence
Volunteer Manual
Teachers working with Children on Human Rights and Against Violence
Medical Workers Role in Helping Women Who Suffered From Violence
Police Manual
Stopping Discrimination Against Women
Role of Crisis Center Lawyers in Helping Women Who Suffered From Violence
Civil Protection Orders 2nd , 3rd and 4th edition
Information for Doctors:  Domestic Violence
Human Being and Society:  Conditions of Forming of Nonviolent Position
Sexual Harassment
Crimes Against Minors
Training Materials Developed in Russia, 1998-2000

Commentary on Russian Federation and United States Laws Regarding Violence Against Women
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Domestic Violence Reference Manual for U.S. Marines (Arizona section)
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Advocacy for Battered Women
Wisconsin and Arizona manuals (1979, 1981, 1986)


Human Trafficking:  A 16 week university level course for law students including lecture notes, readings, handouts, quizzes, audio visual, tests and evaluation methods in Russian.  Piloted in Vladivostok in Spring 2009.  ABA ROLI (on CD only)

Sex Trafficking:  A training for consular officials:  A training manual on sex trafficking with all materials for training of consular officials who issue visas.  ABA ROLI, Vladivostok, August 2007. 



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