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Current Projects

Gender Training in Moldova in 2015. 05/2015

Along with the Kosovo Roma Refugee Foundation, the Roma Information Foundation, and the Society for Threatened Peoples (Germany and UK), Ms. Post continues to work for the approximately 550 Roma Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Kosovo who were forced for over 9 years to live on lead contaminated toxic land.  Two actions have been filed with the United Nations itself since Kosovo has been governed nine years by the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) who is the responsible party. The favorable admissibility decision made by HRAP on 5 June 2009 that can be found on this web site at "Research and other tidbits" was overturned on 30 March 2010 by HRAP due to UNMIK changing the rules of the game and prohibiting HRAP from hearing the claim after they got an unfavorable ruling.  In August 2011, after five years and five months, the UN declined to act further on the case claiming that it was a claim against the administration of Kosovo by the UNMIK rather than a claim for injury of the individual Roma, a patently false statement.    


Post re-filed the case with the Human Rights Advisory Panel in Kosovo and continues to work on an additional complaint against EULEX that took over after UNMIK.  An international advocacy group has a web page at www.toxicwastekills.com, and you can go there and see what you can do to help these most forgotten victims.

On behalf of 10 protective mothers, one adult child, and 6 organizations, Post filed a petition with the Inter American Commission on Human Rights on 11 May 2007. The petition was supported by 17 national and state organizations as well.  The petition claims that the U.S. is violating the Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities of Man by the policy and practice of giving child custody or unsupervised visitation to abusers and molesters.  To read the petition, go to www.stopfamilyviolence.org


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